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"Articles and Amendments Only" and any of the
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Each record $ 3.00
Certify order $5.00
ANNUAL REPORT 03/27/2012 Yes
ASSUMED NAME 05/24/2012 Yes
ASSUMED NAME 05/24/2012 Yes
ANNUAL REPORT 01/23/2013 Yes
ANNUAL REPORT 04/15/2014 Yes
ANNUAL REPORT 03/02/2015 Yes
ANNUAL REPORT 04/04/2016 Yes

If the word "order" appears next to the order checkbox above, it means the image is not available to download. However, you may order these copies from the Bureau by checking the checkboxes you would like to request, then by clicking the "Order from Bureau" button above. Once you complete and submit the order form, the Bureau staff will process your request within 5 to 7 business days. The fee for copies from the Bureau is $2.00 per page and if certified copies are requested, an additional $5.00 for each certification.

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